Almond Clear User Spotlight: Meet Jasmine!

The best thing about being the Almond Clear founder is reading people's success stories. They make my heart sing! When I was struggling with acne and folliculitis, I felt like I was the only person who was ashamed of my skin. Now I know that thousands of people struggle with embarrassing skin concerns. I was never really alone, but the people who shared my experience were hidden from me.

Since we are a community of people who can relate to each other's skincare journeys, I thought it'd be great to celebrate each other's successes and form a feeling of community. That's what this monthly feature is all about! 

Jasmine's Q & A:

City, State
Los Angeles, California 

Choose 3 words to describe yourself.
Funny, Caring and strong 

What makes you happy? 
My daughter, music and anything nature related.

What are some of your goals or dreams? 
Further my education so I can help educate others on self-healing with diet and exercise and nature. 

Describe your skin concern before you started using Almond Clear 
Red, bumpy. Rashy-looking. 

How old were you when your skin concern first appeared?
I've had it my whole life on most of my body. 

Before finding Almond Clear, what other products or treatments did you try? 
Lots of medicated lotions when I was younger. Then regular acne medicine and lotion and with time I gave up and figured my skin was stuck like this. 

How did your problem skin impact your life? 
It always made me self-conscious. When I was in 4th grade I had a classroom of kids saying "ewww you have a rash it's contagious" when we were square dancing, and no one would be my partner. I wore long sleeves and pants after that for a LONG time. Swimming suits were never very exciting for me to put on either. It was so frustrating never finding a solution until now with Almond Clear. 

Describe how Almond Clear has changed your skin
It has cleared it and made it easier to maintain the level of clearness! It's also minimized scarring.

Describe how Almond Clear has changed your life 
In such a positive way! Its given me confidence in my own skin (literally) 

Which free Almond Clear product would you like us to send you?
Face and Body Wash, please!!

Jasmine was kind enough to share her before and after pictures. Click here to see her amazing skin changes.

If you want to be featured in the next User Spotlight, drop us a line at and put "User Spotlight" in the subject line. When we publish your story, you'll earn TWO FREE Almond Clear products of your choice!

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