Almond Clear User Spotlight: Meet Landon!

The best thing about being the Almond Clear founder is reading people's success stories. They make my heart sing! When I was struggling with acne and folliculitis, I felt like I was the only person who was ashamed of my skin. Now I know that thousands of people struggle with embarrassing skin concerns. I was never really alone, but the people who shared my experience were hidden from me.

Since we are a community of people who can relate to each other's skincare journeys, I thought it'd be great to celebrate each other's successes and form a feeling of community. That's what this monthly feature is all about! 

Landon's Q & A

HometownPlano, Texas
Choose 3 words to describe yourself. 
Smart, generous, confident
What makes you happy? 
Animals, my dogs, their love is so pure
Describe your skin concern before you started using Almond Clear. 
I had bacne on my back and acne on my shoulders and arms; it made so incredibly self-conscious.
How old were you when your skin concern first appeared? 
Late teens, early twenties
Before finding Almond Clear, what other products or treatments did you try? 
Absolutely anything and everything. Not kidding! Over the counter products, natural remedies, prescriptions....Too, too many to name here!
How did your problem skin impact your life? 
It made me so self-conscious. I never, ever left the house in a tank top or with my back or shoulders exposed.
Describe how Almond Clear has changed your skin and your life. 
My skin has cleared up considerably, and I stopped being so self-conscious about those areas.
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