Send us pics of your "Almond Clear Moment" and we'll PAY YOU!

Are you interested in sharing photos of your Almond Clear Moment(s) and earning some extra money?? 

It's time for us to update our online and social brand images, and we'd like to swap-out photos of models for shots of real Almond Clear users like you. One of Almond Clear's core values is HONESTY, and this value leads us towards featuring photos of actual Almond Clear users instead of staged pics of a model who doesn't even use Almond Clear!

A model's half-day fee averages $500, but we'd rather give that money to Almond Clear users! Are you interested in sharing your photos and earning some easy money? Then read on to get the details!

  • You must be 18 years old or older to participate. 
  • Photos may be submitted between January 3rd to February 17th.
  • We'll split the $500 between 15 to 30 people who send in qualifying photos. That means that you'll earn somewhere between $16 to $33 total for the pictures that you send in, depending on how many people participate. Please note that we require a minimum of 15 individual photo contributors in order for the offer to kick in. If less than 15 people submit qualifying photos, then we won't use any of the images, and the offer for payment is null and void.
  • We are looking for photos of your Almond Clear Moments. The photos can be either posed or candid, but they should show you feeling confident and free in your skin. You don't need to look like a model, in fact, we hope that you don't! The whole point is to show real people enjoying life without having to worry about the appearance of their skin. 
  • In order to qualify, your pic must be well-lit, in-focus, and high resolution. It also needs to be attractively composed without a distracting background. We'll reply to every photo submission to let you know if it meets our standards or not.
  • If your picture is accepted, then you'll need to sign a release form that grants Almond Clear permission to use the images online, in advertising, and on our social media platforms. 
  • Email your photo(s) to Important: make sure to attach the photos in the highest possible resolution!

Thank you so much, and we truly can't wait to see and celebrate your Almond Clear Moments!

-Leslie & the Almond Clear Crew


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