The Top 5 Bummers about Body Acne and Folliculitis... and how my life has changed now!

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This blog is dedicated to a taboo topic, a common problem that is rarely talked about: embarrassing red bumps on the body- like on the butt, back, or chest. Many people secretly suffer from these body bumps, which are usually related to acne or folliculitis. I used to be one of those people.

From the that I was a teenager through my late 30s, red bumps would breakout on my butt and upper legs. Nothing worked to cure these blemishes, and believe me, I tried everything. Sometimes they were little red dots that were manageable, and other times they’d grow into painful nodules that took weeks to heal. I’ve had a very happy life and I’m an incurable optimist, but these bumps were major downers.
Here are the Top 5 Bummers that body blemishes caused before I connected with the powerful ingredients in Almond Clear Body Clearing Serum. I’m wondering- Can you relate to any of these?

The Beach Weekend Bummer

My calendar is marked for a weekend with friends at the beach, and being the sunny, summer-loving person that I am, I’m really looking forward to the big weekend.  However, as the date gets closer, I notice a swollen red bump emerging on my butt, and it’s outside of my swimsuit line. I try putting my home “remedies” on the bump, but nothing works, and as Friday approaches, I see with dread that this butt bump is not going away, and that I won’t be able to cover it with a swimsuit. My only choices now are to wear shorts instead of a swimsuit, or to try to position myself so that my friends can’t see my bum. Now, instead of being excited about going to the beach and hanging with my friends, my thoughts are consumed with how I’m going to manage my problem skin.

Now: I went camping with a few families on the Oregon Coast last weekend, and we spent Saturday playing on the beach. It was a gorgeous summer day, and the appearance of my skin never crossed my mind.  

Useless Home Remedies

For years I relied on a self-concocted mixture of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and aloe to try to keep my problem skin in-check. I also avoided certain foods that seemed to inflame my blemishes. These strategies had a marginal impact at best. Maybe you have your own home “remedy” routine? I’ve read about lots of them online- coconut oil, avoiding lactose, washing skin with dandruff shampoo… the list goes on and on and gets more bizarre. The bummer about these so-called solutions is that they don’t work, and that is continually disappointing.

Now: I finally found a product that truly works, and I understand what causes my skin problem. It’s a relief not to feel the disappointment that goes along with trying out new cures that don’t work.

Going to a dermatologist

Have you tried seeing a dermatologist for help with your problem skin? For me, going to a dermatologist was always futile and humiliating. There I’d lie, face down on the examining table with my naked butt exposed, while the doctor would ask insulting questions like how often I showered or if I changed my clothes frequently enough. Invariably I’d get a prescription for antibiotics, either oral or topical, which wouldn’t work at all, so all that my trips to the doctor bought me is more hopelessness about ever finding a cure. Thanks for nothing, Doc!

Now: No more expensive trips to doctors that don’t know how to help me, and no more prescriptions with unhealthy side effects.

Changing in the locker room

Changing in the locker room: I try to stay in good shape, and I’m proud of how my body looks, but I certainly didn’t feel this way when I was in the locker room at the gym, trying to hide my skin problem. If there was no one around then I could quickly change clothes, but in a crowded locker room I had nowhere to hide. I usually changed in the bathroom stall to avoid having people spot the red bumps on my butt, which made me feel frustrated. I stay in good shape, yet I have to hide my body?! This was not the feeling that I wanted to be have after a great workout.

Now: Just like everyone else, I stand next to my locker and change my clothes openly, and every time I do this I feel gratitude and freedom.

Feeling like I have a secret that makes me a lesser person

Ugh, this was a big one for me, especially when I was in my 20s and unmarried. Sometimes when a guy was flirting with me or if I was out on a date, I’d be aware that he didn’t yet know about my skin condition, and this made me feel insecure instead of confident. If I hooked up with a date, boyfriend, or eventually my husband, then I was distracted with hiding my problem skin from his hands. Again, instead of living in the moment, I was preoccupied with my skin.

Now: My skin no longer makes me feel insecure. Instead of trying to hide my skin I can flaunt it with confidence, which feels like a minor miracle.

What bummers have you experienced that I left out? I’d love to hear your ideas for expanding the list, so leave a comment or send an email to

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