almond clear can improve acne

Acne is such a misunderstood skin condition! For a long time, people believed that acne was caused by P. Acne bacteria infecting the pores. That’s why dermatologists often prescribed antibiotics to clear up acne. However, researchers are now learning that acne is not caused by bacterial infection, instead, it’s caused by an overproduction of dead skin cells inside of the pores. Sound confusing? Let’s break it down really simply.

Most people shed one or two layers of dead skin cells each day, and these dead skin cells flake off without being noticed. People who are acne-prone shed many more skin cells than average, but the only place that you’ll notice that extra cell production is inside of the pores. That’s because the extra skin cells clump together inside the pores and mix with the body’s natural oil, called sebum. This sludge of skin cells and sebum form little plugs in the pores, called microcomedones. As the plugs continue to expand, they can turn into acne lesions or blackheads.

P. Acne bacteria feed off of the contents of microcomedones. When pores get infected with bacteria, they turn red and inflamed, forming raised pimples and cysts. On the other hand, if acne bacteria isn’t reproducing inside the pores, then your microcomedones don’t get inflamed, appearing as whiteheads, blackheads, or tiny, closed bumps.

chart of acne formation

So you see, the bacteria isn’t the root cause of the acne, instead, the extra production of dead skin cells is the culprit! To clear up acne, you need to get rid of the clogging dead skin cells, dissolve extra oil, and clear up P. Acne bacteria. That’s where Almond Clear comes in, because this one little product can take care of all three of these jobs! 

Almond Clear is powered by mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from bitter almonds. Almond Clear clears and prevents acne in four ways:

  1. Mandelic acid is a powerful exfoliant. It dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells and oil together. The clogged material inside of the pores softens, breaks apart, and exits the pores. Bye bye pimples!
  2. When you use Almond Clear regularly, you prevent new microcomedones from forming, so no new breakouts appear! *Side note: This is where many people go wrong. They only apply their acne medication to existing pimples, but it’s super important to apply the treatment to the entire area where you ever breakout. That way you can keep your skin nice and clear.
  3. Mandelic acid is strongly anti-bacterial, so it helps to kill the bacteria that makes acne red and inflamed. 
  4. Mandelic acid is also anti-inflammatory, helping to calm angry-looking, red breakouts. 

If you want to say goodbye to acne, then start by consistently using a skin-clearing product like Almond Clear. Daily usage exfoliates the skin, clears bacteria, and stops breakouts before they start.

before and after mandelic acid for acne

Before & After 6 weeks- Almond Clear Level 2