I know what it is like to have body acne detract from fun life experiences. Before discovering the power of mandelic acid, red bumps plagued my butt and upper legs. I tried everything to get rid of them: four trips to different dermatologists, oral antibiotics, topical prescriptions, home remedies like tea tree oil, exfoliation, antibacterial soap, and acne products from drug stores, but nothing worked.

For years I gave up on treatment and resigned myself to living with these painful and embarrassing red bumps. During that time I hid in the restroom stalls when I changed my clothes at the gym, avoided the beach and pool depending on the severity of my skin condition, and tried to conceal my bumpy skin areas from my husband.

Finally, at 39 years old, I learned about mandelic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds) through an aesthetician. My blemishes were cleared in weeks. For the first time in my adult life, I enjoyed being at the beach with no self-consciousness. I founded AlmondClear so that you can wear that tank top that’s been gathering dust in your closet, or let your significant other touch your back without self-consciousness, or feel confident at that special summer event that you’ve been looking forward to. My mission is simple:  

- Leslie Eisen, AlmondClear Founder