Almond Clear was created to bring people freedom. When you’re self-conscious about your skin, it's hard to live your fullest life. With clear skin, a barrier is lifted. We created Almond Clear because when you free your skin, you free yourself.

Core Values


Be Honest

We give you honest explanations of our products and ingredients, how they work, and what they can and can’t do for your skin. Honest product formulation with only effective, safe, and necessary ingredients. Honest 60-day guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you then return it.

Provide a few effective, sustainable  products

We only create uniquely useful products that make a real difference in our customers' lives. We’ll never add to our product line just to create a profit or follow the latest trend.

We care about the environment, so we minimize waste. Our packaging is minimal and recyclable, and our products are useful, not superfluous or wasteful.


Your long-term skin care partner

Acne and folliculitis must be managed on an ongoing basis, and continual treatment can get expensive and feel burdensome. We make things easier for you with subscriptions, bundle discounts, larger sizes that last longer, and other offers to repeat customers. We're in this relationship for the long-run. 

Do you have an idea for how we can be a better partner for your skin care needs? Drop us a line. We love suggestions.


We are uplifting

 We are sunny and uplifting because newly cleared skin makes you feel great! This positive feeling guides all of Almond Clear's communications, from our labels and social media content to our website imagery.

Our customer support goes above and beyond to be helpful, empowering, and encouraging.