mandelic acid can help to fade hyperpigmentation

Almond Clear is an excellent choice for reducing hyperpigmentation. It's active ingredient, mandelic acid (MA), has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation (dark marks from acne scars and sun damage). MA packs a double punch against hyperpigmentation. First, it sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, bringing to the surface new, normally pigmented cells that will replace the discolored layers. Second, MA inhibits the production of melanocytes (melanin-forming cells) so the hyperpigmentation process is interrupted. Additionally, MA improves the tone and texture of the skin, imparting a bright, smooth, and glowing appearance.

Mandelic acid has a unique characteristic that makes it especially adept at clearing dark marks: it is both water and oil-soluble. Water-soluble skincare products sit on the surface of the skin (the epidermis), so their powers are focused on the outermost layers of skin. Oil-soluble products can penetrate the sebum in the pores and act on a deeper layer of skin, the dermis . Since mandelic is both water and oil-soluble, it works on both the epidermis and dermis, clearing hyperpigmentation on multiple layers. This is why many skincare professionals recommend mandelic above all other skincare acids for fading hyperpigmentation.

No matter what skincare product you choose to reduce hyperpigmentation, improvements will occur gradually over the course of multiple months. This is because clearing up hyperpigmentation requires exfoliating multiple layers of discolored skin, and this has to happen slowly, layer-by-layer. If you are patient and consistent with your applications, dramatic improvements can occur over time.