New customers: Save 30% on a 1 oz serum with code "TRYALMONDCLEAR" New customers: Try a 1 oz Almond Clear serum for 30% off with code "TRYALMONDCLEAR".

We Work. Here's why.

Almond Clear is powered by mandelic (almond) acid, a multi-tasking superstar. Stubborn acne, folliculitis, dark marks, and ingrown hairs are cleared by mandelic’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and exfoliating properties. GET RESULTS, OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Level 1 Face & Body Clearing Serum

Our gentler formula is designed for the face. Ideal for all skin types, from oily to dry or sensitive. Use on the body for mild blemishes.

Level 2 Body Clearing Serum

Specially designed for the body. This concentrated formula penetrates the thick skin of the body for maximum clearing results.

Face & Body Wash

Your new go-to cleanser! Loaded with nourishing, clarifying botanical extracts. 2% mandelic acid clears and brightens the skin.

Founder's Story

I spent decades searching for a solution to the embarrassing red bumps on my butt and upper legs, but everything I tried led to disappointment. For many years I gave up and resigned myself to living with uncomfortable, confidence-killing blemishes on my skin. Everything changed when I started using the ingredients in Almond Clear. Now my skin never makes me feel self-conscious or gets in the way of enjoying the moment. I started Almond Clear with the goal of freeing people from worrying about the appearance of their skin so they can focus on what really matters.

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