Regular skincare purchases can really start to add up. Our goal at Almond Clear is to be your long term skincare partner. That's why we're offering a 20% discount for frequent buyers.

  • To qualify for Almond Clear Direct pricing, you must have purchased at least four Almond Clear products in the past 12 months.
  • If you've purchased four or more items through, then you will be automatically enrolled in this program. You'll receive an email that contains your unique discount code. 

What if I've bought Almond Clear on Amazon?

  • If you've purchased four or more Almond Clear products on Amazon, then you also qualify for Almond Clear Direct!
  • You'll need to email us your Amazon order numbers (we can assist you with this- it's easy). Once we've confirmed your Amazon purchases, we'll send you your unique discount code for future purchases on (the discount is not valid on Amazon). To get started, drop us a line at with "Almond Clear Direct" in the subject line.

Almond Clear Direct Requirements

  1. You must purchase 2 or more items at a time to receive the 20% discount.
  2. Maximum of 6 items per order.
  3. Multi-packs of 4 are not eligible for this discount. This is because they are already heavily discounted.
  4. The discount code is only valid for one person. It cannot be shared.
  5. Resale of Almond Clear products is strictly prohibited. If we have reason to believe that you are reselling items, then your access to Almond Clear Direct will be canceled.
Almond Clear Direct is a beta program that may be revised over time.