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Here are some types of videos we are looking for from you:

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Explain your personal struggles with your skin concern and how Almond Clear has helped with that. Be specific about where your skin concern is and how it made/makes you feel.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Talk about your results from using Almond Clear with a before and after picture somewhere on the screen

HOW-TO: How to use any or all of Almond Clear’s products. (Make sure to use voiceover and/or add text)

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Nice looking shots of Almond Clear products dripping from the dropper. Apply the product w/ voice over and text about the benefits of mandelic acid. Show a simple skincare routine using Almond Clear products. Show off the product in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Examples: shadows on the wall, speckled through the trees, by the river, etc. 

Main focus: make sure it’s in nice lighting!

NOTE: Must contain voice over (to make personalized).

EDUCATIONAL: Discuss benefits, tips or tricks for Almond Clear, Mandelic Acid or skincare in general. We encourage use of music, voice over, or any fun text that highlights the main points

Educational Video Ideas: Why you need to wear SPF when using an acne treatment like Almond Clear, difference between acne and fungal acne, benefits of mandelic acid, why skin gets inflamed, why we purge, what happens when we over exfoliate our skin, what is acne mechanica.

FUN/FUNNY/TRENDY SKINCARE RELATED: You can be creative here. Just make sure is has something to do with skin concerns related to Almond Clear (acne, fungal acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris) 

Video Guidelines and Logistics: 

COMPENSATION: 30% off your next Almond Clear order (no expiration date, no purchase limits)

VIDEO QUALITY: You can use your phone camera, just make sure that your resolution is the highest it can be and that the image is not shaky. Also, try your best to capture the most natural, appealing lighting you can find!

LENGTH: The TikTok or Reel should be 15 - 60 seconds in length

DRAFT PROCESS: You must submit a rough draft for approval. We reserve the right to ask for revisions. The average number of drafts needed prior to final approval is two to three. 

The final version should include subtitles, music, and any other engaging effects that you’d like to add. 

GENERAL TIPS: We are looking for authentic Almond Clear stories that are shared with energy and enthusiasm. We’ve found that people engage more with content when the speaker comes from a place of enthusiasm and positivity.

Put your own unique spin on what you create. The best part of the video will be YOU, so let your personality and story come through!

Do you want to run an idea for a Reel or TikTok by us? We’re happy to brainstorm or to share ideas. Just reach out if they have any questions or want to chat about ideas.

ANONYMITY: We can keep your name anonymous or tag you in the video- what ever you prefer. 

OWNERSHIP: By submitting your video, you agree to give full ownership to Almond Clear and permission for us to publish it on social media, advertising, and on our website.

How to submit your video: 

To submit your video, please email

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and we’ll be honored to share what you create.