General Usage Information

NEW TO ALMOND CLEAR OR ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS? DO A PATCH TEST FIRST: Patch testing for sensitivity is advised prior to product usage. This is especially important if you are using a mandelic acid skincare product for the first time, or if you’re new to alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) products. To patch test, apply two drops to a small, discrete area of skin (like the inner arm or behind the ear) once a day for three days. If you develop severe irritation, hives, rash, blistering, or swelling of the eyes and mouth, rinse off, cease use, and consult a physician right away.

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Almond Clear’s Level 2 Serum is powered by 15% mandelic acid and is free from fillers, fragrance, and unnecessary additives. You can apply it anywhere on your body, but we don’t recommend using it for your face. The skin on the face is thinner and more sensitive than skin on your body, so this serum can cause excess dryness and irritation when applied to the facial area.

TO APPLY: Apply a thin, even layer over the entire problem area (no spot treating) to clean, dry skin. Wait for the serum to absorb completely before applying other products like moisturizers or additional serums. 


Most people will see the best results when applied twice-daily, but it may take you more or less time to get there depending on your skin. If you’re new to exfoliating skincare acids, you’ll need to gradually build up towards twice-daily applications. 

During the first few weeks peeling may occur, but this will gradually lessen. Moderately dry skin indicates that beneficial exfoliation is occurring. Cut back usage if your skin becomes excessively dry, then gradually increase usage again as tolerated. Apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer as often as needed. 

NEW TO SKINCARE ACID APPLICATION? FOLLOW THIS APPLICATION CALENDAR: Below is a recommended schedule for acclimating your skin to alpha hydroxy acid application, but everyone’s skin is different, so go at your own pace. If you’ve recently used an AHA product, then you can jump right to Week 2. If your skin becomes uncomfortably dry or irritated, then back off of usage for a few days, then start back up slowly. Remember to moisturize as often as needed! 

  • WEEK 1: Start with one application every-other night. Apply to clean, dry skin before bed.
  • WEEK 2: Apply nightly. 
  • WEEK 3: Apply nightly, plus every-other morning to clean, dry skin. 
  • WEEK 4: Apply twice-daily, both morning and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS? Like any new skincare routine, it will take three to four weeks to begin seeing results. Some people experience substantial improvement within the first month. For others, it can take a few months to see best results. Consistent application over time is the key to clear skin. 

THE SERUM IS MAKING MY SKIN DRY. IS THIS A PROBLEM? Skin peeling, otherwise known as exfoliation, is a critical step in improving a wide variety of skin concerns. Many people mistakenly believe that if a product dries their skin a little, then this product is too “harsh,” and so they permanently reduce or stop their usage. This is a huge mistake that will prevent people from getting the best results. 

It’s true that uncomfortably dry, red, or irritated skin are signs of over-exfoliation, and these types of irritation should be avoided. If your skin becomes painfully dry then you need to temporarily stop usage, then reinstate applications gradually, as your skin allows. On the other hand, flaking skin that is not tender or irritated is exactly what you should be experiencing when you start using a new alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and is a good sign that the products are working!

You’ll experience maximum drying over the first few weeks of using Almond Clear. That’s why it’s important to gradually work up to daily applications because this gives your skin time to adapt. After six to eight weeks of Almond Clear usage, your skin should no longer flake. 

To combat flaking skin, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer as often as needed. And make sure to wash your hands after applying the serum so that your palms don’t peel. If you can deal with a few weeks of peely skin, then you’re much more likely to achieve your skincare goals! 

WILL I EXPERIENCE SKIN PURGING? If you’re new to skincare acids then it’s possible that your skin could purge during the first few weeks of usage. Skin purging occurs when a chemical exfoliant like mandelic acid sloughs off the top layer of dead skin cells, causing new cells to regenerate sooner than they would on their own, which can bring old blockages to the surface. This may look like new breakouts, but it’s actually your skin getting rid of breakouts that were already forming under the surface of your skin. Purging typically lasts for 3-4 weeks, and after it’s over you’ll have substantially clearer, smoother skin.  

The good news about purging is that it’s temporary, and it’s ultimately a sign that the products you just introduced are working!

NOT SEEING THE RESULTS THAT YOU WERE EXPECTING? We want you to be thrilled with your Almond Clear results, so we stand behind all of our products with a 60-day money back guarantee. 60 days allows you enough time to try the products and see real results. If you’re not seeing the results that you expected, then reach out to us at and we’ll make things right for you.

STILL GOT QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP? No problem! Drop us a line at We’re always happy to help and to chat skincare. 

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