1. Apply AlmondClear to the entire problem area.  Using the dropper, dispense a dime-size circle of serum onto your hand, then spread evenly onto your problem skin. If needed, continue dispensing dime-size portions of serum until the entire the area has been covered with a thin, even layer. 
  2. Apply sunblock and moisturizer, as needed.  Your skin will be more sun-sensitive after applying AlmondClear. It is imperative that you wear sunblock on the affected area to avoid sunburn.
  3. Repeat.  For AlmondClear to be effective, you need to use it consistently over time. Your skin will need to adapt to using the product. During the first few weeks peeling and drying may occur, but this will gradually lessen. Eventually, you will be able to apply AlmondClear twice daily. Below is our Recommended Usage Plan.


  • Week 1: Apply AlmondClear every other day -- at night, before bed.
  • Weeks 2+: Apply AlmondClear twice daily -- morning and night. 

Cut back treatment slightly if your skin becomes excessively dry or irritated. AlmondClear works best when applied twice a day, but it may take more or less time to get there depending on your skin. 


  • Like any new skincare routine, it will take two to four weeks to begin seeing results. Some people experience substantial clearing within the first month. For others, it can take a few months to see best results.
  • For optimal results, apply twice-a-day, every day. Consistent application of AlmondClear is the key to clear skin.
  • When applied twice daily, one bottle should last between three to six weeks, depending on the size of the area covered. If used to treat a small area of skin, one bottle could last for several months.
  • Continue using the Level 1 Serum for two to three months. If you’re not fully clear after three months, then progress to using the Level 2 Serum.
  • Discontinuing the use of AlmondClear will result in the return of your problem skin. There is no cure for adult body blemishes, but AlmondClear continually treats the problem. With regular application, you should see dramatic improvements.