for problem skin on the butt, thighs, back, or chest

  • Get out of your sweaty gym clothes as quickly as possible. Sweaty clothes greatly exacerbate clogged pores and folliculitis. Always shower as soon as possible after exercising.
  • Wear breathable clothing and underwear. Cotton is the best choice. Bacteria that cause bad flare-ups thrive in anaerobic conditions, so give your skin some oxygen! If you have bumps on your butt, then wearing cotton underwear is critical.
  • Change out of your tight clothes, like skinny jeans, when you get home at night, and put on loose-fitting clothing. This allows your skin to breath. Also, tight clothes can rub against body bumps and further aggravate the problem, so wearing loose, soft clothing when possible is a must.
  • Don’t squeeze or pick at the bumps. This can cause them to get much worse. Using AlmondClear will help the pores to get unplugged without picking at them.
  • Scrub affected skin gently in the shower. Being too abrasive will irritate bumps that are red and inflamed, and will spread bacteria or fungus between the pores and hair follicles.
  • Use the right kind of sunscreen: Find a high-quality sunscreen that is non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging). These sunscreens often say “for the face,” but go ahead and use them on your body, too.
  • Change your sheets regularly. Oil and dirt accumulate on sheets. This grime will rub off on your body while you’re sleeping and contribute to clogged pores, so make sure to wash your sheets every week or two.
  • Your skin is impacted by your lifestyle choices. An unhealthy diet, not getting enough sleep, and not drinking enough water can all contribute to problem skin, so be good to yourself!
  • If you have folliculitis, talk with your doctor about taking an antifungal dietary supplement. There are many effective antifungal supplements that can be found in drugstores and natural grocery stores. You may also wish to consult with your doctor about dietary changes that could improve your folliculitis.
  • Folliculitis is aggravated by warm, moist conditions, so you should avoid hot tubs, bath tubs, and steam rooms.
  • Most importantly, you need to apply an alpha hydroxy acid like AlmondClear. This will exfoliate the skin (remove dead skin cells and oil) and fight bacteria and fungus. Regular, consistent application of AlmondClear is the key to clear skin.