Please inspect the Almond Clear products delivered with your order on the same day you receive them.  If there is any damage to the delivered Almond Clear products, you agree to contact us via e–mail with a photo attached of the damaged product(s) within 3 business days after you receive your order.  Return requests are evaluated on a case–by–case basis and you understand and agree that we will not accept return requests more than 15 days after your receipt of such product(s).  If we accept your return request (in our discretion), we will process your return/exchange within a reasonable time and cover the cost of replacement products (only) and any shipping costs to deliver those replacement products to you.


You may only sell Almond Clear products from the Authorized Location(s) specified in the New Account Information Sheet attached to your Vendor Agreement with Almond Clear (both digital and physical locations apply), unless we otherwise agree in writing.  You agree not to sell products outside of the Authorized Location(s) without our prior written approval.  If you intend to open a new store front (whether physical or digital), you agree not to sell Almond Clear products from that new store front without our prior written approval.  



You agree to comply at all times with our brand and digital marketing guidelines that we provide or otherwise communicate to you from time to time.  

You may not sell Almond Clear products on Amazon or any other online retailer without our prior written approval.  You also may not use Almond Clear’s branding, logo, trademarks, likeness, or any other identifying marks of Almond Clear in person or on social media, digital marketing content, e–mail content, or otherwise without our prior written approval.  You specifically agree not to use the names or images of Almond Clear’s affiliate influencers or other representatives (or their respective likenesses or personas) in any way or in any form (whether in person, electronic, or otherwise) without our prior written approval.