Before & After Photo Program

Are you starting your skincare journey with Almond Clear? Share progress photos with our team for the opportunity to earn $20 OFF Almond Clear products. First-time customers only.
To get started, sign the media release form here. Then, email the following:
  1. Your full name
  2. Your order #
  3.  Upload your Before Photos. If prompted to choose the image size, choose “actual size” or “full resolution.” 
  4. Be sure that your images meet these requirements:
    • The photo is well-lit. Stand by a window or turn on some overhead lights.
    • The photo is in clear, sharp focus. 
    • Stand against a plain wall or avoid distracting, busy backgrounds
    • No nudity. If photographing the butt, please wear underwear. A thong is fine. For people with breasts photographing the chest, please wear a bra or cover with a towel.
We can't wait to cheer you on throughout your skincare journey! Check out some amazing results from our community below. 


Before & After 5 months

red bumps on butt pictures  

Before & After 4 weeks

chest acne/folliculitis treatment "before" photochest acne/folliculitis treatment "after" photo  

Before & After 6 weeks
facial acne treatment mandelic acid "before" photofacial acne treatment mandelic acid "after" photo
Before & After 6 weeks
butt acne photos before and after 6 weeks




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