Want Two FREE Bottles of Almond Clear? Enter our Before & After Photo Program!

Before & After 5 months

red bumps on butt pictures 


Before & After 4 weeks

chest acne/folliculitis treatment "before" photochest acne/folliculitis treatment "after" photo 

Before & After 6 weeks
facial acne treatment mandelic acid "before" photofacial acne treatment mandelic acid "after" photo
Before & After 6 weeks
butt acne photos before and after 6 weeks
  • Do you have acne and/or folliculitis on your face, chest, back, butt, or thighs?
  • Are you interested in getting a two to three month supply of Almond Clear’s Body Clearing Serum FOR FREE? Then read on!

Almond Clear is in need of before & after photos to feature on our website and other promotional material. We’re interested in using your photos!

  1. To apply for this program, simply send your before photo to hello@almondclear.com. We'll let you know if your photo meets our quality standards. We might provide suggestions for how to take a clearer or more in-focus picture and ask you to resubmit. 
  2. Once your images are accepted, purchase your first bottle on the Almond Clear website (here).
  3. When you finish the bottle, send us your first follow-up photo. Once we receive your picture, we'll provide a full refund for the purchase of your first bottle.
  4. Make your second purchase of a Body Clearing Serum at almondclear.com and send us your second set of follow-up photos. These are your real "after" photos! When we receive these photo, we'll provide a full refund for the purchase of your second bottle!! 

That’s 2 free bottles of Almond Clear just for sending us a few photos!

If you’d like to participate, then email your before photos to hello@almondclear.com. Please follow these guidelines:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate. No exceptions. 
  • Make sure the picture is well lit and in focus. Take the photo by a window AND turn the lights on.
  • Don’t include your face in the photo.
  • Use a plain background. Stand against a wall, or lay on a sheet.
  • Zoom in on the body area that contains the acne/folliculitis.
  • Take a few photos from different angles. Send us the best photos.
  • If photographing the butt, please make sure that no genitals can be seen in the picture. Instead of being naked, wear thong underwear or very cheeky underwear that shows your butt skin, or pull up the sides of your underwear so that your skin is exposed.
  • International customers: The cost of international shipping is not eligible for a refund as part of the Before & After Challenge. 

We look forward to seeing your photos and to documenting the amazing results that you’ll see from using Almond Clear!




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